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Who We Are

We make the most of all our Women.

We believe that financial literacy among women needs to be the norm and not an exception to the few privileged Kenyans.

We are an independent , non profit and non –governmental organization fully registered in Kenya. Php group was established with a vision to improve the lives of women in marginalized areas, build their capacity and financial literacy in order to alleviate poverty and better their lives and the community at large.

About Us

PHP Group

Our Vision

Php aims to change how women from marginalized areas handle their finances by accelerating their journey to financial freedom, We aim to train them on financial literacy and small businesses management. Hence transitioning better humans to the society who are capable of providing better livelihoods for their families and benefit the economy of our country at large.

PHP Group

Our Mission

To alleviate Poverty among women and families in marginalized areas by helping them run their small businesses successfully and also doing competency based trainings to those that need a skill that can enable them to provide basic needs for themselves and their loved ones.

Why Us

Our Interventions

Powerful Women

Financial Literacy and Business management Training.

We educate women on the importance of being financially literate and guide them on how to run their small businesses profitably.These women are from extremely poor back grounds,often with low source of income and in most cases they have children in school who look up to them to provide. We also get Bank partners for some of this women, with an aim to show accountability of their business sales and hence qualify for Mobile loans that help scale up their businesses, in addition to getting donors and Kenya womens funds to support them with business grants. This is our core program with over 900 members in our platform from different slum areas in Nairobi. It is our goal to advocate for this program to be replicated in other counties in Kenya in 2024

Women in Business

Competency Based Training

Through our Monitoring , it was evident that a number of women in this areas did not have any form of education, making it hard to get basic jobs and make a honest living. To mitigate this we provide competency based training's and opportunities necessary to allow for economic self- sufficiency. The greatest achievement with this is seeing the transformation from dire impoverished situations to being able to fend for themselves and their families.. Our goal is open a training institution that consistently trains the women on different core skills for free in 2024.

Strong Women

School Feeding Program

Children from Vulnerable households who cannot afford to have meals at home often cannot be able to concentrate in school , this affects their self esteem , ability to engage with others and ultimately affects their academic performance. We support schools and learning institutions to run feeding programs to support children to stay in school and stay healthy. Our aim is to work with the government , other organizations and like minded individuals to ensure continuity of this program

Strong Women

Financial Literacy and business management Training

Poor finance management and understanding is an obstacle to economic empowerment and stability to small business owners, because of this, most women who get support end up either failing in their projects or closing down shop. To support these women in continuity and growth of their businesses or projects, it is important to provide financial literacy in order to expand their knowledge in finance management which will in return grow their business management capabilities. Our Next Financial Literacy and small Business management training is scheduled for Saturday 21st January 2023. This will be a combination of women from three areas , Kawangware, Kibera and baba dogo

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